Tag: Tennessee

  • Gut Feelings

    As the natives get restless and clamor for Fulmer’s head, I’ve got my own gut feeling – we are dealing with gutless wonders. I agree with one commenter response to Mike Strange’s article Is the battle lost? Fulmer ‘working to get it fixed’ – “I am still not convinced that Hamilton has the intestinal fortitude […]

  • Fulmer Resigns

    That’s the headline my huband looks for every morning when he goes online to read the news form Knoxville. Instead we find something like Fulmer is going to wait to review the films before he announces the QB for Saturday’s game. Headlines like that make me thing that Fulmer needs an Optometrist, because he sure […]

  • Staying Under The Radar

    Trying to keep a low profile with this upcoming game in Atlanta. It’s interesting to listen to the rumblings and rumors about the teams in Alabama and even LSU. I don’t want to get into the fray. I’m hoping the team is studying the heck out of game film and getting even more ready for […]

  • Still Not Up For The Game

    My gut feeling is that the Old Ball Coach is going to school the Dean of the SEC in football. I love this line from Drew Edwards of the Knoxville News Sentinel: “The Vols need a win to avoid joining Vanderbilt in last place.” The Vols are needing a lot more than that. They need […]