More Tickets

October 22nd, 2008 leslie Posted in Random Musings, Vols Football 1 Comment »

Now it’s the students who are bailing.

I guess Mike doesn’t want me to drag my free ticket curse back up to Knoxville. Maybe that would explain why he hasn’t sent me any tickets?

To all my good hearted Bama fans, enjoy the game and please mind your manners.

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Vols Bama Game Not A Sellout

October 21st, 2008 leslie Posted in Random Musings, Vols Football 1 Comment »

I was gleaning through Jack Lail’s Coverage roundup: Despite the calendar, the “Third Saturday in October” is up when I stumbled across Embarrassing Fact of the Day: Alabama-UT Game Not a Sell-out . At first I thought I was going to have to bust some Rammer Jammer’s chops, but I followed the link. That link still didn’t prove anything, so I clicked the Buy/Renew button. That took me to yet another screen with no proof. One more click and low and behold I see “A LIMITED NUMBER of ALABAMA seats have been released for sale.” Should I split semantical hairs with the Crimson koolaid drinker that it says “ALABAMA seats”? I would take that to mean that tickets held for Alabama fans didn’t sell out, but it’s just how the site words all the tickets sales.

Tickets Available

Make sure you read the fine print too, “Singles remain throughout the stadium. You must purchase 1 seat at a time to find them.” Notice the pricing? $70 and $73 per ticket!

With all that said, I’d still like to go to the game. It’s a night game, it’s the Tennessee – Alabama game, it’s Tennessee football. Do I expect the Vols to win, no. I expect Alabama will eat them for dinner. But I can hope, as can all of the rest of us Big Orange fans in Alabama can do. You can only image how unbearable it’s becoming trying to live here in enemy territory.

I’m still waiting for Mike Hamilton to tell me he has 2 tickets waiting for me at Will Call. He’d better hurry though, with it being a night game I’m also going to need to make a hotel reservation, unless Mike lets us stay with him 😉

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Roll Reversal

October 18th, 2008 leslie Posted in Random Musings, Vols Football No Comments »

My husband is a dyed in the wool, born and raised, life long Tennessee fan. He’s been through the Majors era and has seen bad times before. He gets up every morning before he heads to work, goes online and reads all the news from Knoxville. Every Saturday he gets hyped up for “the game” – the world stops for Tennessee Football.

His passion to watch the game each Saturday is dwindling. He wanted to go watch Samford play Appy State last Saturday, instead of watching the game on TV. Now his daily wish is to read the headlines that Fulmer has resigned. I’ve tried to get him interested in posted his comments and thoughts about the games and the situation at hand. He is one of the original Vols web site builders – – but as the Vols have been going downhill so has his desire to maintain the site. I wouldn’t label him a band wagon fan, far from it, just a very disappointed fan.

I asked my husband if he wanted to order this week’s PPV of the TN-MSU game he said no, but I ordered it anyhow. I’m sure he’ll watch the game with me, but it will probably just make him mad. Neither of us expect anything new or different. It will still be the same predictable offense and the same predictable defense. He’s already grumbled about the “PC BS” of name six permanent captains. He told me it should have only been two. We both agreed it should have been from the beginning of the season with none of this rotating captains nonsense.

When he asked me why I ordered the PPV, I said I needed something to blog about.

ps…still haven’t heard from Mike Hamilton…

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Giving Away Tickets?

October 15th, 2008 leslie Posted in Random Musings, Vols Football No Comments »

Forget the jinx I have on being given tickets, I read a comment that Mike Hamilton was giving away tickets to fill the stands. If that’s true, Mike please send me 4 tickets to the Alabama game. How about some decent seats? Something with a little leg room, like the seats at Auburn.

I seriously doubt I’ll get tickets from Mike Hamilton, but if he’s really having to give away tickets to fill the stadium don’t you think he would get the hint? He sure can’t blame gas prices any more. Maybe it’s that nice comfy couch with the 46 inch HDTV in front of it? The view sure is better and the seating is a heck of a lot more comfortable. Has Mike given any thought to the product on the field?

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to go to the Tennessee – Alabama game (remember where I live). I love going to the games. I like seeing the improvements to the stadium and I just love being with 104,000+ screaming, yelling and having just a great time.

So Mike, you can leave 4 tickets for me at Will Call.

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Comments On The Comments

October 13th, 2008 leslie Posted in Random Musings, Vols Football No Comments »

I started the day by gleaning through Jack Lail’s Coverage roundup, I always seem to find one post that stands out. This week Random Thoughts, and Thoughtless Ramblings: Time for a change?
– a side note to Philip Parker, I feel your pain about “neglecting” your blog, now you have one more follower because I’m a random thoughts kinda gal.

Alabama remains No. 2 made me giggle – remember I live in belly of the Crimson beast.

Mike Strange points out the obvious Running game is nowhere to be found. What have I been saying? Arian Foster just seems like he’s afraid of something. That’s not a real good way to impress the NFL scouts. The Vols are just are no longer playing smash mouth Tennessee football. Sorry Mike, I don’t know where it went either.

“Tennessee’s four personal foul penalties just about sent Fulmer over the edge” Edge of what? How about the punter getting a penalty? What on earth was Colquitt thinking? What a lack of discipline, lack of leadership.

My husband is still looking for that infamous headline “Fulmer Resigns”, but he softened up a bit. Now he’s willing to read “Fulmer will move to an administrative position at the end of the season.” I keep asking him who he’d like to see replace Fulmer but he hasn’t figured that out yet. He did mention something about Norm Chow as the Offensive Coordinator, now there’s some food for thought if Auburn doesn’t snag him first.

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