Black & Orange!

November 1st, 2009 leslie Posted in Cool Vols Stuff, Vols Football No Comments »

When my husband first saw just the orange pants he declared an instant loss. Then the team came out in the black jerseys with the orange pants, I thought he was going to have a stroke. Words that are normally only saved for bad officiating were flying through the living room. All I could do was laugh – I loved them! And the more I watched the game the more I really liked the black jerseys – they stood out, they made a statement. I just held my breathe towards the end of the game hoping that they didn’t make the wrong statement.

Guess this is one time that it’s good not to be in Knoxville, sounds like the old farts don’t like what they saw the Vols wear. Come on, it was fun, it WAS Halloween, the players wanted it and it sounds like a few of the fans did too.

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It’s Football Time in Tennessee

September 1st, 2008 leslie Posted in Cool Vols Stuff, Vols Football No Comments »

Are you ready? Are you pumped up? Are you nervous? The BBOC had a great kick-off speaker, Dewey Warren, and he pulled no punches – UCLA is going to be tough. In fact, the entire season is going to be tough.

I will still sit in front of the TV, watch the game and listen to my husband scream at the refs. Speaking of refs, did you see them in the AL/Clemson game? I will still continue to wear the Orange in this sea of Crimson. The Power T flag will still fly on the front porch, along with the two for the car.

I have 3 new Tennessee ornament to hang on the Orange & White tree. Lady Vols National Championship Basketball

One is a basketball commemorating Lady Vols title win ornament. One is a football helmet and one is a Santa dressed in Orange & White (will have to get you a picture of that one). These ornaments come from my favorite source Joy To The World – The Collegiate Collection

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Vols Schedule Widget

November 10th, 2007 leslie Posted in Cool Vols Stuff No Comments »

2007 Tennessee Volunteer Football Schedule Widget for Mac users.

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